Jon & Kate Plus 8: Season 4, Volume 1 - The Wedding
Jon & Kate Plus 8: Season 4, Volume 2 - The Big Move

Season Premiere

June 23, 2008

Season Finale

March 23, 2009



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The Gosselin family return for a fourth season. Kate and Jon told that they were having some probelms but they were trying to work on it.

Boys day outEdit

June 23, 2008Edit

Jon takes the boys out golfing for some boys day while Cara and Mady are in school and Kate takes the little girls grocery shopping to buy ingredients for a special snack, Monkey Munch.

Girls day outEdit

June 30, 2008Edit

Kate takes all five girls for a fun day at a paint your own pottery place, while Jon takes the boys to his gym where they learn about exercise while Jon works out.

Gosselin Family Movie NightEdit

June 30, 2008Edit

The Gosselins spend a Friday night at home watching a movie.

Sextuplets Turn 4!Edit

July 7, 2008Edit

The whole family takes Leah, Joel, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, and Aaden celebrate their fourth birthday by going to a bakery to decorate their own cupcakes, but they have to wait until after supper to eat them. How will Kate recat to all the mess at the bakery?

Korean DinnerEdit

July 14, 2008Edit

Jon decides to teach his kids about their Korean heritage by cooking them a Korean dinner.

Embarrassing & Favorite MomentsEdit

July 21, 2008Edit

Jon and Kate remember their embarrassing moments, even ones they wish weren't caught on tape. They also remember some of their favorite moments they've had with their kids.

Sunny DaysEdit

July 28, 2008 Edit

The Gosselins take a trip to Sesame Place where they get to meet Elmo, Big Bird and other Sesame Street characters.

All AboardEdit

August 4, 2008Edit

Kate and Jon take the children to see Thomas the Tank Engine at nearby Strasburg Rail Road, where they ride a train pulled by the famous engine in a special event called Day out with Thomas.

Heading SouthEdit

August 11, 2008Edit

The Gosselins head south for their summer vacation to North Carolina and along the way look at some potential properties to buy for their next possible home.

Wild HorsesEdit

August 11, 2008Edit

Jon and Kate take the kids on a jeep ride as they track wild horses along the beach. Later, a climb up a lighthouse reveals one of them is afraid of heights. Who will go all the way up to the Lighthouse?

Beach TripEdit

August 18, 2008Edit

Jon and Kate take the kids to the beach, hoping it works out better than the sextuplets' first seaside experience at age three, which turned out badly because of cold, windy weather.

July 4th CelebrationsEdit

August 25, 2008Edit

The Gosselins celebrate the Fourth of July in North Carolina as a part of their summer vacation.

Kate's Labor DayEdit

September 1, 2008Edit

Jon & Kate show their sextuplets the NICU where they were born and spent the first few weeks of their lives.

Backyard CampoutEdit

September 8, 2008Edit

Jon and Kate decide to go camping in their own back yard. Everyone is excited, but weather might ruin their plans.

Sight and SoundEdit

September 15, 2008Edit

The Gosselins take a trip to the Sight and Sound Theatre in Strasburg, Pa., to see an interactive play depicting the story of Adam and Eve.

More Viewer F.A.QEdit

September 29, 2008Edit

Jon & Kate answer more questions from their fans.

Picture PerfectEdit

October 6, 2008 Edit

The Gosselins are asked to pose for the front cover of the November issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.

Mr. MomEdit

October 13, 2008Edit

Jon has to take care of the house and kids while Kate is away for a few days. Can he handle it?

Back to SchoolEdit

October 13, 2008Edit

It's back to school as the twins start second grade and the sextuplets start their first year of preschool.

Baseball Game with DaddyEdit

October 20, 2008Edit

It's a day of ballpark fun when Jon takes Cara and the boys to a Phillies game, where Jon gets to meet his favorite Phillies player, Shane Victorino.

Hawaii, Here We ComeEdit

October 27, 2008Edit